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About Us

Welcome to Miss Tween Shop, a new and exciting online store dedicated
to bringing the latest trends in clothing and accessories to girls Inbetween.

Who is the girl Inbetween?

She can be divided into two age groups, Miss Tween, aged 8-12 
and Miss Tween/Teen, aged 13 and over.

During these Inbetween years, girls begin to develop their
personal interests, which will over time, define their own special 
uniqueness and individuality.
Their interest in fashion is now becoming
evident as the style conscious
girl Inbetween not only enjoys but also
wants to take part in selecting items which represents her own individual
tastes and preferences. 

Miss Tween Shop
has been designed for the blossoming, sophisticated
and confident young Miss and we are committed to offering an online
shopping experience which is fun, engaging and always on-trend.

Miss Tween Shop is the one-stop shop for the fashion savvy girl Inbetween!

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